Safety Clothing Product Development

Safety Clothing Product Development

The WEARMASTER® range of quality protective clothing, PPE, accessories and equipment has grown steadily over the years, largely in response to customers seeking solutions to safety challenges for which there is no existing product on the market.

The WEARMASTER® product development team works closely with customers to develop concepts and designs for safety products that will give them the protection solutions they need to keep staff safe at work.

Our Aviation Bump Cap is a great example of how WEARMASTER® responded to concerns that a customer raised about conflicts between head and hearing protection. The cap has gone on to become a best-seller with customers in the aviation industry.

If you have a safety concern and cannot find the right solution, or you believe improvements could be made to an existing safety product, speak to our product development team.

WEARMASTER® is the solution.

What Our Clients Say

"The way WEARMASTER® work with our Health and Safety team has saved us greatly on time."